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We value our patients’ experience at Synergy Integrated Medical Center. If you are currently a patient, please click here to complete the Client Experience Questionnaire.

“Since I have started at Synergy I feel improvement after only 12 visits.  I feel relief in my back.  I have had improvement at night time when sleeping, where before I never slept.  I have also noticed my posture has improved greatly!”  -Michael McHugh

“I came to Synergy with headaches and after a few weeks of treatment my headaches were gone.  I then began having lower back pain when I started running.  The realigning of my back really helps my back” -Rachel DiMichele

“I used to get out of swim practice everyday to stretch my lower back.  Over time the pain started to effected my performance, so I knew I needed help.  Synergy instantly made the pain go away and helped me stay in the pool everyday!” – Andrew Brady

“My experience with chiropractic care is exceptionally terrific.  I said that because I’ve had PT in the past and it was certainly not as effective compared to chiropractic care.  My improvement was felt from the very start of my treatment.  I feel very confident.  As such, I look forward to every scheduled visit.  I will definitely be spreading about Synergy Chiropractic and its effectiveness.” – Myrna Shirland

“Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments has certainly lessened the tension and pain I have had chronically for years.  I had back surgery in January.  So I sought out preventative care for my back, as well as my whole body.  I am very happy with the results of the chiropractic services I have had at Synergy and I am looking forward to continued wellness! Thank you!” – Jennifer Harrington