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Functional Medicine

Are you looking for the best approach that focuses on optimizing the physiologic functions of your body? Functional Medicine offered through Synergy Integrated Medical Center can respond to such concerns. This is a holistic approach that views human body as an integrated system and not a collection of independent organs that are divided by medical specialties. This is often used in improving symptoms associated in

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • Weight Loss
  • Food Allergies
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Immunologic and Inflammatory Problems
  • Fatigues
  • And Many Others.

Since Functional Medicine comes from an idea that disease arises from certain life experiences that people encounter and are combined with unique genetics of the person, the treatment that it upholds is individually customized. Diet, stress reduction, supplements for treatment and prevention of diseases and a healthy lifestyle will be combined for each individual.

Synergy Integrated Medical Center Functional Medicine addresses the underlying cause of illnesses and disease through the engagement of the practitioner and the patient in a therapeutic partnership. This is the reason why it is considered to be an evolution in the medicine practice that addresses your healthcare needs. Functional medicine addresses the whole person and not just an isolated set of symptoms which makes it the best and the healthiest medical practice today.

How is Functional Medicine Different?

There are different types of medical services that your medical and health specialist might offer; however, Functional Medicine is completely different. This is because it takes part in understanding the origin, prevention as well as the treatment of chronic and complex diseases. Functional Medicine also focuses more on the following:

  • Promotes health as a positive vitality to people beyond the absence of the disease. It pays attention to the patient, understands their problems and makes it simple and easy to bring patients towards the discovery of themselves. In this sense, they are assured that doctors can tailor the best treatment that addresses their unique medical needs.
  • Functional Medicine is also a science based and integrative approach. It considers complex web of interaction with the history of the patient, their lifestyle and physiology that led to their illness. The unique and convenient makeup of the patient is considered to be both in consideration of the external and internal factor that affects their functioning.
  • Functional Medicine services integrate the best and the healthiest medical practice. It makes use of traditional western medicine which are sometimes called to be complimentary or alternative medicine. It creates a complete focus on the prevention of the illness with proper nutrition, exercise and diet and with the use of the new laboratory testing and other kinds of diagnostic techniques.
  • This also offers holistic approach as it examines all aspects of people’s life including their spirit and body. It also advocates physical and mental health towards healthy and convenient lifestyle that people deserve to have.

Functional Medicine is an effective and healthy built in partnership in between the physician and the patient. With lifestyle and diet modifications, health coaching, nutritional supplementation and even relaxation techniques, patients are assured to alter the course of their chronic diseases and illnesses towards a renewed longevity and vitality.

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